12-13 February 2022

Brunello Crossing 2020 - Results

Brunello Crossing 2020 - Results

Le tue foto, alla Brunello Crossing 2020


The photo service for the "Brunello Crossing 2020" will be taken by Studio 5 Photo Agency. All the photos shot during the marathon are available on www.getpica.com and can be ordered and paid on the website.

For further information or support please contact:
Tel. 05441889362

Programma Brunello Crossing 2020

Sabato 15 febbraio 2020

Ore 11:00 inizio delle visite guidate alle cantine del Brunello di Montalcino, laboratorio di degustazione dello zafferano ed esperienza "mani in pasta".

Ore 14:00 apertura consegna pettorali competitive e non competitiva (Expo Montalcino)

Ore 18:00 Briefing gare competitive - Teatro degli Astrusi (Montalcino)

Ore 18:45 Consegna pettorali VIP - Teatro degli Astrusi (Montalcino)

Ore 19:15 Pasta party

Ore 22:00 Chiusura consegna pettorali

Domenica 16 febbraio 2020

Ore 6:30 apertura consegna pettorali SOLO competitive

Ore 8:00 partenza Brunello Crossing 45 Trofeo Banfi (consegna pettorali fino a mezz’ora prima), Piazza del Popolo · Montalcino

Ore 8:05 prima navetta mattino Montalcino-Torrenieri

Ore 8:30 apertura consegna pettorali SOLO non competitiva – vecchia stazione (Torrenieri)

Ore 9:30 partenza prima wave Walk & Nordic Walking 200 partecipanti max (consegna pettorali fino a mezz’ora prima) • Torrenieri

Ore 10:00 partenza Brunello Crossing 24 Trofeo Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona (consegna pettorali fino a mezz’ora prima), Piazza del Popolo · Montalcino

Ore 10:00 partenza seconda wave Walk & Nordic Walking 200 partecipanti max (consegna pettorali fino a mezz’ora prima) • Torrenieri

Ore 10:05 ultima navetta mattino Montalcino-Torrenieri

Ore 10:30 partenza terza wave Walk & Nordic Walking 200 partecipanti max (consegna pettorali fino a mezz’ora prima) • Torrenieri

Ore 10:45 partenza Brunello Crossing 14 Trofeo Barbi (consegna pettorali fino a mezz’ora prima), Piazza del Popolo · Montalcino

Ore 11:30 Partenza Speciale quarta wave Walk & Nordic Walking (solo per questa partenza non sono previsti ristori lungo il percorso, solo acqua)

Ore 12:00 apertura pasta party

Ore 13:00 prima navetta pomeriggio Montalcino-Torrenieri

Ore 14:30 premiazioni primi 5 assoluti di ogni competitiva - Teatro degli Astrusi
(premi di categoria consegnati con formula diretta)

Ore 16:00 chiusura cancello orario di arrivo

Ore 16:05 ultima navetta pomeriggio Montalcino - Torrenieri

Ore 16:30 chiusura Expo e fine della manifestazione

Disponibili: deposito sacche, spogliatoi e docce (uomini: Stadio Soccorso Saloni, donne: palestra comunale)

Menu ยท buffet degli atleti

Prodotti a Km 0

Sabato 15 febbraio: Ore 19:00 - 21:00

Domenica 16 febbraio: Ore 12:00 - 16:00

Pane del forno Lambardi Montalcino

Formaggio pecorino
Azienda Agricola Fior di Montalcino - Famiglia Chironi

Montalcino Salumi S.r.l.

Pasta con salsiccia e zafferano
Macelleria A&G Arezzini e Governi Montalcino e azienda “Pura Crocus” Val d’Orcia

Pasta al pomodoro

Pasta in bianco

Zuppa di farro e tartufo
Farro perlato Fattoria Pieve a Salti Bio
tartufo dall’Associazione artufai Senesi di San Giovanni d’Asso

Cinghiale in umido
alla moda Montalcinese

Roast-beef al forno
Macelleria A&G Arezzini e Governi Montalcino

Verdure di stagione

Cecio tondo toscano
Fattoria Pieve a Salti bio

Formaggio e Miele
Azienda Agricola Cosseddu di S.Giovanni d’Asso - Montalcino
Apicoltura Parri di M.Cioni - Montalcino

Farina di farro Azienda Pieve a Salti Bio
Farina di grano pastificio “Uova e farina” di Marini Antonella - Montalcino

Olio extra vergine d’oliva
Col d’Orcia - Montalcino e Pro Loco Montisi

Premio video Brunello Crossing "Il Giglio"

Miglior video autoprodotto:
iscrizione + camera matrimoniale per gara anno successivo + 1 bottiglia di Brunello di Montalcino.



produzione di un video in formato YouTube compreso fra 2 e 5 minuti che racconti la gara dalla parte del trailer. Il video dovrà essere mandato al nostro indirizzo mail info@brunellocrossing.it entro e non oltre il 16 marzo 2020 e contemporaneamente pubblicato su YouTube.
Con l’invio del video alla nostra mail, si autorizza automaticamente l’utilizzo dell’intero video o di un suo estratto, per scopi promozionali da parte dell’organizzazione anche se il video non risultasse vincitore.

Il vincitore dell’edizione 2019 è stato Alex Tucci, nostro ospite per il 2020.


Montalcino, the lone hill between the Val d'Orcia

(a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2004) and the Valle dell’Ombrone where rivers of the same name run through the valleys. Montalcino provides the perfect location for trail running; big climbs and descents as well as steep trails from its highest point at 680 m.a.s.l. to its lowest at 120 m.a.s.l. through the woods, which cover about 50% of the territory, vineyards, and the famous Sienese hills, marked by numerous paths, mule tracks, cartroads, and historical pilgrim and trade routes like the Francigena and the Maremmana.

Even the time of year that was chosen is no coincidence. Forging the connection to the Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino, the event will take place on the weekend prior to Benvenuto Brunello (the presentation of the latest vintage of Brunello di Montalcino released on the market that year), the second Sunday in February, guaranteeing the right weather conditions for authentic trail races!

BRUNELLO CROSSING is an event that was started by a group of sports enthusiasts and lovers of the Montalcino territory who got together and developed an idea that goes beyond the 45km, 24km, and 14km competitive races. There will also be a 13km non-competitive race and guided tour of wineries with a chance to try local specialties. Also lined up is the Runners’ Lunch on both Saturday and Sunday as well as several fluid stations along both competitive and non-competitive routes celebrating the close link between sport, territory, and wine…  everything of the finest quality, of course!

We strive not to neglect the high technical/competitive profile of all the courses and participating athletes as well as the quality of services connected to the event, which created a pleasant and collaborative atmosphere.

Many institutions, both public and private, have contributed to great success of the previous editions.

The City Administration that has backed us and helped right from the start, the Consorzio di Brunello di Montalcino that has acted as a bridge between registered runners and Brunello Crossing, the Municipal Police, the Carabinieri police force, the Misericordia and Civil Protection Unit that have guaranteed that the event take place in complete safety.

The high profile of the main sponsors which, with their support, not only made this event possible, but also ensured the quality and protocol of Brunello Crossing.

The only thing left to do at this point is invite you to participate in one of our competitive races or in the non-competitive walk on February 16th, 2020 as well as in the guided tours of the Brunello di Montalcino wineries on February 15th.

Where to Sleep

Brunello Crossing - Affiliated Hotels & Farmhouses

Winery Tours

A magical territory, which varies in its many forms: the different sides of the Montalcino hill slowly roll into the enchanting Val d’Orcia, to the bottom of Monte Amiata and to the plains leading to the sea on the other side. Harmonious rolling hills with soft elevations that alternate between olive groves, vineyards and fields of wheat. Small plots of land topped with isolated farmhouses, majestic castles, little country churches surrounded by their hamlets: this is the land of Brunello Crossing, dominated by the medieval town of Montalcino. If you run with us, you will enjoy all this in addition to the best that this territory produces, which make it an absolutely outstanding place the world over.

Exclusively for Brunello Crossing participants and their family members and friends, the chance to live moments that only Montalcino can offer: a truly unique sensorial experience, a type of tourism that is timeless and that gives the best it has to offer in every season.



Wine is without a doubt one of the top products from Montalcino as it is known, valued and exported all over the world.

On a winery tour, you can be immersed in the authentic traditions of this land, meet wine producers, experience the aromas of the wine that change over the four seasons and, finally, get a taste of history in a glass right inside the places that best interpret the Italian winemaking tradition.

Tours include a brief description of the winemaking process – agricultural and enological – that lead up to the final product, a tour of the vinification and ageing cellars and a wine tasting featuring the vintages chosen by the wineries often accompanied by other typical local products.

It is a wonderful opportunity for you to discover the enchanting world of wine and to meet the winemakers in person.


Cost: € 18.00 per person (free for children under 16 years of age)

Hours: 10:30      11:30      15:30     17:00


Discovering a territory also means exploring it in all of its flavours: bring out the wines, olive oil, salami, sweets, the typical products of Montalcino!
In a digital world where everything runs at high speed, time can sometimes go by very quickly so it is a pleasure to discover this little corner of paradise that has remained almost untouched for centuries, a place where you can relax and taste traditional delicacies.
After a guided winery tour, you can sit at table for a light lunch paired with the legendary Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino wines.
Lose yourself in the thousand shades of Montalcino, take a bite out of history which, through its many flavours, takes you back in time, giving you an experience that you will always remember.

 Cost: € 28.00 per person (15 euros per child under 16 years of age)

 Hours: 12:00         13:30

*Wine tasting, toasted bread with E.V. Olive oil, cold cuts, and cheeses


Cost: €35.00 per person (20 euros per child under 16 years of age)

Hours: 12:00      13:30    

*Wine tasting, starter, pasta and dessert


Learn about and taste the red gold of Montalcino and the Val d’Orcia.

A precious spice, an explosion of taste on the palate with zero calories, a source of antioxidants with antidepressant and even aphrodisiacal properties: saffron is the star of this experience! A visit to a packaging laboratory to learn more about this product from cultivation (characteristics and productive potential) to its use in cooking followed by a saffron tasting!



Cost € 20.00 per person (15.00 euros per child under 10 years of age)

Hours: 10:30     12:00      13:30       15:00           16:30 

*Saffron tasting includes honey paired with pecorino cheese and local cold meats, cantucci biscuits and saffron beer.


“HANDS IN PASTA” with the ladies from Montalcino

Making “pasta” here with us is like casting a little spell!

Discover the secrets of homemade pasta, the pride of the Montalcino tradition and learn from the wise experienced hands of local women who have decided to help out.

Eggs and flour, a pinch of salt and… the magic of the “farmer’s wife” will show you the rest.

Together we will preserve this precious legacy that our grandmothers have taught us: traditions that will not fade away in Montalcino!

Cost € 20.00 per person (10.00 euros per child under 10 years of age)

Hours: 12:00       15:00       16:00 

*You can taste your pasta, drinking a glass of red wine

Shuttle supplement: (for those who do not have their own vehicle and prefer booking a  spot in the minivans) 10 euros per person, 2 people at least. 

All tours and activities will take place on Saturday, February 15, 2020. 

All those who sign up for tours and activities are entitled to a free visit of the ramparts of the Fortress of Montalcino, scheduled for 17:00 on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

The tour of the ramparts of the Fortress is made possible by the collaboration of the Pro Loco di Montalcino. 



You will be immediately contacted by the organizers who will then provide you with all the payment information and will confirm your registration.

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Contact and Other Info

General Information

Groups with over 6 runners, please contact:
Michela Piccioni (ex michelapi@virgilio.it, no longer active)

Reservations for overnight stay at the gym:

Alessandro Capaccioli